1. The Geep
Nope, that’s not a typo for a safari van. In fact,the safari van will stop dead in its tracks on spotting this hybrid. A combination of a Goat and a Sheep, the Geep is super rare and super cute.
The Geep
2. The Wholphin
This is what happens when a female dolphin falls head over heels for a handsome, brooding killer whale. Another rare breed – only a couple of them are known to exist in the United States.
The Wholphin
3. The Cattalo
This cross between a buffalo and a cow was first noticed in the year 1749. Today, they are categorized as exotic animals. Sure, they are. We wonder if tastes more exotic than beef.
The Cattalo
4. The Zorse
They say a Zebra can’t change its stripes. But it can mate with a horse and give its kids differently coloured stripes.

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