Shyness is natural, it’s something everyone is born with, but through our interaction and experience with others, we become comfortable with our surroundings. Feeling awkward with unfamiliar people, lack of comfort in new situations, these things are experienced by shy people. But if it’s left unchecked, shyness can take a different form, it can cause serious problems in the personality development of an individual.

Guys with low self-esteem often suffer from anxiety and phobia when they are around with different people, especially with women. Some guys are scared, anxious around women. They can’t even approach a woman and ask her out. The main cause of this uneasiness is their lack of social skills, guys who failed to develop an effective social interaction with opposite gender as kids. They never developed an ability to engage with a girl and form a meaningful, healthy friendship or a relationship.

As a result these kids grow up as men with extreme nervousness around women, they fail to strike a conversation with a girl for the first time, they can’t ask a girl out, they can’t even kiss their girl. Their shyness reaches a level where it usually prevents him from doing any of those things. They can’t just convince themselves of overcoming their fear. This nervousness is the reason why they don’t have a girlfriend, even if they are in a relationship, their lack of confidence causes a rift in their relationship.

Meet Mia Khalifa, an independent and successful woman, she has helped many guys in overcoming their shyness. Mia has a vast knowledge and a unique set of skills through which she has helped many single guys and educated them about the things they didn’t know. Earlier these guys were laughed at for not knowing the things that an adult should know, but good girl Mia came to their aid. Mia developed a confidence in the shy guys, after watching and hearing Mia’s sessions, these shy guys completely transformed and became confident young men.

Mia Khalifa has even helped the heartbroken guys who were deceived, betrayed in the relationships. When these guys had no girl in their lives, kind Mia came for them.

Mia’s unique skills and special talent soon made her an internet sensation. Single guys, committed guys, husbands, fiances, men all over the world searched for her, to learn things that could help them in improving their love life. More than 1.5 million people experienced the tremendous talent of this young girl on the internet.

Guys who have had a crush on someone for years and years, but never had the courage to approach her came to Mia. She taught them how a guy should approach a girl, what a guy must do to make a girl happy and love him back.

Mia conducting a counselling session with a shy inexperienced single guy. The guy explains the problem in brief.

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