A BSF jawan, Tej Bahadur Yadav posted a video, highlighting the plight they had to undergo. The government has said that it is looking into the matter and is concerned about the health and well-being of the BSF jawans. The situation is quite bleaky because the jawan has now said that he has been brought to the headquarters and is being asked to work as a plumber, as reported to India Today. Yadav belongs to the BSF’s 29th battalion Seema Suraksha Bal and had joined the force in 1996. Presently, Yadav has been deployed along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir.

In his video only, he stated that this is an eye-opener and appeals the people to look into the matter.

Tej Bahadur Yadav, just like his name, is brave.

He told India Today, “I am not afraid of losing my job…I have shown what the reality is at the post. If soldiers [are] benefited because of me, then I am ready to fight.”

But, the BSF has some other story to say. Read on to find out.

As quoted by rediff.com, BSF has said, “Constable Tej Bahadur as an individual has a difficult past. From initial days of his career, he needed regular counselling. Different correction mechanics have been applied for the individual’s welfare as he was habitual offender of absenteeism without permission, chronic alcoholism, misbehaving and using force with superior officers and certain other acts against good order and discipline.He has been sent only 10 days ago to the (current) place of deployment on road head to facilitate support to high altitude forward locations which he has shown in current selfie, on an experimental basis to observe the improvements of past counselling.”

The video is from the Jammu and Kashmir border.

Among other videos released online, the jawans are heard saying, “Neither the media, nor any minister ties to take a note on how are we going through this (harsh weather). Our conditions are still worst. (humare halat wahi darbartar hain). After this, I will send three videos that will show how our officials are mistreating us. We do not want to blame any government, because they give everything we need, but our senior officials sell everything (for their own profit)”, as reported by The Huffington Post.

The food that the BSF jawans get is also not as per the standards.

It is said, “We only get a ‘parantha’ and tea as breakfast and this is without any pickle or vegetables… we slog for 11 hours and at times we have to stand throughout the duty hours. For lunch, we get ‘dal’ (pulses) which only has ‘haldi’ (turmeric) and salt… with roti. This is the quality of the food we get… how can a jawan do his duty?”

The Home Minister of the country, Rajnath Singh has asked for a probe into the matter.

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